Day #0 MCBikeTour 2014

Getting ready to start this year's medical cannabis bike tour, valencia to barcelona arriving at the Spannabis

So, here we are, just outside Valencia, waiting for the tour to kick off tomorrow morning. Our base is a hotel in the middle of an industrial complex specialising in ceramics and bricks… well, the views can only get better!!
A hive of activity, the support team have spent the day picking up riders and volunteers from airports and train stations, who have been arriving from all over Europe and North America.
Meanwhile, some of the crew who got here yesterday have been out testing the bikes and getting used to the sun (It has been a long time for many of us!). So far, all signs are good!
The hotel entrance is filled with bikes and riders, getting busy (with the occasional break for refreshments on the sun terrace of course…)
Everybody is pumped for tomorrow, a ride of 130km through the orange fields of Valencia, before hitting some high country on days two and three
SO, follow us as we chart our course for Barcelona and Spannabis… The adventure starts

This was the MCBikeTour 2013

This was the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2013!

During the tour this year we will be uploading a video report every night on our website, stay tuned to Updates on our facebook page: