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We are looking for forward thinking companies and individuals to sponsor the 2020 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour.

We have some great sponsorship opportunities for your company to do good and be seen. Participants wear our famous yellow jacket with pride and it would look even better with your logo added to the list of sponsors!

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour is widely respected and publicity about the event reaches a global audience.

Become part of a very unique and special journey which has been changing the way cannabis is perceived since it began in 2012.

What we do!

We raise sponsorship money to fund independent clinical research to study the medical qualities of cannabis.

How? By taking part in an epic bike ride that visits a different part of Europe each year. It’s a sportive event that lasts for 3 days and covers 420 km. 

Participants from all over the world – of all ages and all cycling abilities – come to take part and each year the ride gets bigger and the message spreads further.

In April 2020 the MCBT is coming to France to write another chapter in medical cannabis history.

If you can make a difference, as a rider, volunteer or  sponsor, then come and join our grand adventure!

The cause

We are a non-profit organization that believes the medicinal potential of the cannabis plant needs to be explored.

Since the bike tour began, we have raised over 400,000 € to fund independent medical cannabis research.

The focus of our current funding program is a historical clinical trial, soon to be conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Complutense in Madrid.

Their research studies the effects of the cannabinoids THC and CBD as a first line therapy for the treatment of  glioblastoma (brain cancer). This historical study  will be conducted in conjunction with GEINO (Grupo Español de Investigación en Neurooncología).


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About Us

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour Foundation is a non-profit organization. We fund independent research into medical cannabis and support the legal rights of medical cannabis users. We do this by using a sporting event to promote our message.

The event began in 2012 with just two riders. In the years since it has grown massively and in 2016 over 80 riders and volunteers took part. Over the years, we have taken the tour to Spain (twice), Germany/Holland/Belgium and Slovenia/Italy.

In the past four years, we have raised 350,000€ in sponsorship money which is used to fund independent clinical research by a team of scientists based in Madrid. The money raised will help to fund ground breaking clinical trials into the use of cannabinoids (THC and CBD) as a potential cure for cancer patients.

  • Medical cannabis research

    We fund independent studies by doctors and scientists who are combining cannabinoids with existing anti-cancer drugs (see our news section for updates on the research program).

  • Legal rights

    Working with ICAM (International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines), we support legal efforts to achieve equal rights for medical cannabis users at The European Court of Human Rights.

  • Medical cannabis awareness

    Through our bike ride we are challenging popular misconceptions about cannabis, creating public and media awareness and bringing attention to our cause.

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2016 - Slovenia to Italy - Indica/Sativa Trade Bologna 2016


Why sport? Because it is a great way to challenge preconceptions people have about cannabis. It is also a great way to unify people. The bike tour is proud of its membership, with participating riders from all over Europe and North America. We are truly an international force!

Why medical cannabis? Cannabis has been used as a traditional herbal treatment throughout history. Today, there is much anecdotal evidence to suggest that cannabis assists with a range of medical conditions and scientific research suggests cannabinoids can prevent tumour growth and kill cancer cells.

Why isn’t more scientific research being done? The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour began as a result of this frustration. We believe the plant’s legal status in Europe is holding back comprehensive research. We knew it was time to take this issue into our own hands.

What others say about us

Dr. Guillermo Velasco

Thanks to the money raised we have been able to take our research into new areas that have exciting possibilities for the future treatment of cancer,
Complutense University Madrid

Dr. Guillermo VelascoProfessor#

Last year’s edition was an amazing experience which I wouldn’t have missed for anything! It was a great way to meet people from the branch in a completely different setting.

JeroenSoft Secrets#

We have had fantastic support since beginning this project and each year it gets bigger. Global cancer rates are soaring and there are real signs that cannabis can help. By using sport to promote our cause, we hope to challenge negative perceptions of the plant while raising money for groundbreaking research.,
organiser Medical Cannabis Biketour

LucParadise Seeds#
Dr Juan Manuel Sepúlveda

It is very difficult to do an independent trial without pharmaceutical company funding in Europe, therefore we are very excited by the opportunities for research that come with the money raised by the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour.

Dr Juan Manuel SepúlvedaChief Investigator of GEINO (Spanish Group of Neuro-oncological Investigation)#


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Become part of a very special journey and help us to change history!.

Ride with us!

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