Cycle powered cannabis clinical trial starts!

Cycle powered cannabis clinical trial

We are delighted to share some fantastic news with its roots in the cannabis community. After 10 years, a clinical trial started in Spain this September, which uses cannabis as a potential cancer treatment.

Over the next 18 months, 30 patients with brain cancer will be treated in 8 hospitals across Spain. They will receive a treatment consisting of the cannabinoids THC and CBD in combination with traditional cancer treatments using temozolomide and radiotherapy.

What makes this extra special is that this trial is a special collaboration between the medical cannabis community and the scientific sector, for the benefit of science.  The trial has been funded independently by the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour Foundation charity.

The money used was raised exclusively through sponsorship of five bike tours between 2013 – 2018 (which were documented on YouTube and social media).

So, to all the sponsors, riders, volunteers and supporters who were there through the 5 bike tours, WE SALUTE YOU!

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour clinical trial facts

– The clinical trial started in September 2023 and will last for 18 months at 8 specialized neuro-oncology medical sites (hospitals in Spain) and will involve 30 patients.

– Trial participants will be patients with glioblastoma (a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer).

– The trial will study the promising synergistic antitumor effect of combining ?9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) with traditional cancer treatments using temozolomide and radiotherapy. 

– The trial is based on the research of the Cannabinoid Signalling Group team at Complutense University Madrid, headed by Dr Manuel Guzmán and Dr Guillermo Velasco. Their research in the lab suggests that cannabinoids (a combination of THC and CBD) may inhibit the growth of (and in some cases even destroy) cancer cells. 

– The trial will be overseen by GEINO (Spanish Group of Neurological Investigation) with EU-GMP certified medical cannabis THC and CBD products for administering to patients provided by Tilray Medical.

– It is important to stress that cannabis is not the ‘silver bullet’, but another weapon in the arsenal of cancer treatment.   

– This first trial will test that the treatment is safe, monitor response and survival rates (compared to traditional treatments), and measure improvements to quality of life.

– After 18 months, data will be collated by clinical research organisation, MFAR and the results will be reported to the wider medical community.

– The MCBT Foundation was founded by Luc Krol (Paradise Seeds) and Matej Munih (Snail Rolling Papers).

– Five tours were held between 2013 and 2017 in Spain (x2), Holland/Germany/Belgium, Slovenia/Italy, Czechia/Austria.