MCBT 2016 – Destination and Tour Dates Announcement

We have some great news!  We would like to announce that the 2016 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour will take place from Tuesday May 17th – Thursday May 19th (420km, 3 days).

Another year, another part of the world! This time we start in  Lljubljana (Slovenia) and finish in Bologna (Italy).

This year will be the biggest bike tour yet! Already cyclists and sponsors are signing up to join us in what will be a very special year.

In 2016 we will have enough money raised to conduct clinical trials on human patients in Spain, to test the research of the Complutense University scientists into the effectiveness of cannabinoids as a cancer treatment.

We hope you will join us, either as a rider or sponsor on the tour, or as part of our worldwide army of MCBT supporters.

If you would like to ride with us, please  get in contact using our Rider Application Form. If you are a would like to donate towards our great cause, please get in contact using our sponsor form.

MCBT16. The adventure continues… Bring it on!