Every year we are getting bigger and better known! Through the generosity of our sponsors, the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour has raised money which will be used to fund independent clinical trials in 2017. If you are a company, or an individual, who would like to support our great cause then please contact us.


platinum-sponsorSponsor package 1 –  Diamond sponsor:

Main Sponsor

Homepage slider for a year

Company profile incl website address, text about 200 words

Largest Logo in all Articles

Large logo on shirt

Shirt for free

Costs: € 10,000,00


Sponsor package 2 –  Gold sponsor:

Large Logo and Banner for a year


Company profile incl website address, text about 100 words

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Logo on shirt

Shirt for free

Costs: € 5,000,00


Sponsor package 3 – Silver sponsor:

Small banner


Short company profile with website addres

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Shirt for free

Costs: € 2,500.00


Sponsor package 4 – Bronze sponsor:

Small logo


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Costs: € 1,000.00


Sponsor package 5 – Basic sponsor:

Mentioned name

Link include logo

Costs: € 500.00

Each year, the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour becomes more well known and respected around the world. It has received worldwide coverage in the cannabis press, TV and radio and on line, in blogs and Facebook sites of renowned magazines and popular forums.

The tour has been featured in many publications, print and on-line, including Vice, IFLS, Soft Secrets, Highlife magazine, Canamo, Cannabis magazine, Cultivador Yerba, Dolce Vita, Dolce Vita Balkan,High Times, Ladybud, Leafly, Legalizace, Treating Yourself, Weedworld, Cannabis Kultusz, Grow and THcene magazine. Sponsor logos receive widespread attention.

In 2017, the tour will be bigger, the publicity bolder, and we will be looking to feature in the mainstream media too.

We have a variety of sponsor packages available for companies.

  • Sponsorship will see your company’s Logo on our official bike shirts, a link Banner to your website on our website and Logo on our FB page and in all Medical Cannabis Bike Tour publicity and media information packs.
  • * Free bike shirt with Logos.
  • Official certificate of supporting the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour Project.

We also welcome donations from individuals. Together, we can show the world a positive view of cannabis and its potential to change lives for the better. Help us to make a difference!