Why is the MCBT so radical? Not only is it probably the biggest cannabis sporting event in the world, but the bike tour funds medical cannabis research that will be donated to science meaning that people, not pharmaceutical companies will profit.

As it is the 6th year of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour, we thought we would look back on its history.


Route: Barcelona – Valencia

Participants: 2

Paradise Seeds owner, Luc Krol, embarks on an epic coastal cycle ride with good friend, Matej Snail (Snail Rolling Papers). “It started off as a conversation. We both love cycling and we were looking for an excuse to do a long bike ride…” The bike ride attracted a lot of attention and encouragement. The two decided to do it again the year after and this time raise money for medical cannabis research…


Route: Madrid – Valencia

Participants: 25

Money raised: 50,000€

Now there are 20 riders – from Holland, Spain, Slovenia and Austria – a support team of volunteers and a cameraman. A tough ride through the mountainous interior of Spain, via the beautiful Serranía de Cuenca national park with arrival at the GrowMed Expo in Valencia. Money raised from the first bike rides funds a researcher at the Madrid lab.


Route: Valencia – Barcelona

Participants: 55

Money raised: 100,000€

The MCBT’s profile begins to attract an international audience. The army of volunteers grows larger and the international force of riders grows with entrants from 10 European countries, the USA and Canada. An impressive route through Valencia and Catalunya with arrival at Spannabis. Highlights – a police escort on entry to Barcelona and the mighty Garraf Massif mountain climb!


Route: Maastricht – Amsterdam

Participants: 80

Money raised: 100,000€

The MCBT moves to northern Europe. The idea is to start taking the bike tour to a different place each year to help ‘spread the word’ to new regions and people. An excellent ride through Belgium, Holland and Spain. Highlights – Holland’s impressive cycle network and no hills! With GEINO (the Spanish group of Neuro-Oncology) on board to oversee clinical trials, this is a big push to raise enough money to get the trials started… but unfortunately not enough.


Route: Ljubljana – Bologna

Participants: 90

Money raised: 100,000€

The MCBT returned to the Mediterranean region although it did not see much of the coast! The highlight of the 2016 tour was the spectacular mountain scenery of Slovenia. Again the tour comprised of riders from around the world and the finish point was the IndicaSativa trade show in Bologna. This was the tour that took sponsorship money to the 350,000€ needed to begin funding clinical trials.