This year is going to be HUGE for the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour and WE WANT YOU!? We are pleased to announce the details of the 2015 tour which will fund clinical trials later this year:

– MCBT15 will ride 420km through northern Europe this summer, June 11-13.
– The tour begins in Maastricht (Holland) and finishes in Amsterdam (approx 140km per day).
– We will ride through Belgium, Holland and Germany, spreading the vibes and news of our cause.
– Riders from around the world will join our international force for change.

Want to RIDE with us?

Want to SPONSOR us?

Right now we are seeking sponsors and riders. Please use the contact forms to get in contact and register your interest.

In December, we got the historic news that the Spanish medical authorities will give their support to clinical trials using cannabis to treat brain cancer patients later this year. We are all hoping the trials will give the evidence that cannabis does kill cancer cells.

So now we need cash! More money to pay for these trials to be completed. Make it a year to remember and join us. Become part of something special. Become part of cannabis history. You won’t regret it! Check out our photos and videos.

RIDERS… Join our adventure. Sign up and ride for an awesome cause.
SPONSORS… Join the list of companies and individuals and sponsor us for these historic clinical trials.
EVERYONE!… Become part of history. Donations large and small most welcome.

Cycling, Cannabis, Cancer Cure. Let’s get it on!