We are not just looking for big companies to sponsor the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour. We know from speaking to many people that we are championing a cause they support – especially if they have experience of cancer, personally or through seeing family or friends suffer.

While the pharmaceutical companies develop synthetic cancer drugs and the medical industry continues to use severe treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, we believe that a natural product, with a history of medicinal uses, needs to be better researched.

So, join us in our mission to explore cannabis as a medicine in the fight against cancer. Maybe it could save your child, your parent, your best friend in the future…

Whatever you can donate, we are grateful! Your money will be used to directly fund medical research. By donating you will become part of a worldwide family looking to change the way the world looks at cannabis.

Accountname MC Biketour
Swift/Bic: ABNANL2A
IBAN: NL52ABNA 0444086382.

Thank you for your support!

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