Day #3 MCBikeTour 2014

Day 3 of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour.

Friends, citizens, cyclists… welcome to the third and final day of the tour.  After two days we are tired, sore, aching… but everybody is pumped for the last section!

Today we have 128km from La Selva del Camp to Barcelona on a ride that will climb through mountain roads. This requires precision cycling and an early start…. So we leave at 10.40.

Again the lead pack make a fast start. It’s like the Tour De France (on Cannabis) in Spain… Not so far behind, comes the rest of the tour, with all making great time.

However, there is one last obstacle separating the riders from the finish -a mountain climb through the Garraf and a roller coaster descent to the coast before our Cannabis pelaton rides for Barcelona.

At ten kilometres from the Feria del Cáñamo, there is one last twist in this tale… As our convoy of vehicles and bikes arrives in the city, we get our own police escort for a while, before being waved onwards by smiling cops.

Barcelona, it’s good to be here!