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The days are ticking towards the 2017 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour and yet again we have had a fantastic response from companies that have signed up to sponsor the bike tour. This money will be used to fund scientific research into the benefits of medical cannabis.

We have also had requests from individuals wishing to sponsor the bike tour and we have set up a new fundraising account with Go Fund Me that will allow people to do this. So if you have a friend or family member participating in this year’s bike tour and want to show some support, or if you would just like to support the work of the scientists that we sponsor, then please donate and become part of something special!

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Cannabis v Cancer: An Accidental Discovery



In the lab: Dr Guillermo Velasco and Dr Juan Sepúlveda who will be conducting the MCBT funded clinical trial.

Over the past five years the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour has been raising funds for medical research and final preparations are being made for an ambitious clinical trial into the effects of the cannabinoids THC and CBD on cancer cells.

In the world of science knowledge is increased by the use of clinical trials that test out research that has been carried out in the laboratory. Most of these trials are sponsored by governments or corporate interests – for example pharmaceutical companies developing a new drug for sale.

The MCBT is funding independent trials that will test the research of scientists from Madrid’s Complutense University, specifically the work of Dr Guillermo Velasco and Dr Manuel Guzman focusing on gliomas (brain tumours). Their ground breaking research, first published in  the Nature Medicine scientific journal in 2000.

Their research suggests that cannabinoids have the potential to cause apoptosis in cancer cells (causing them to commit suicide) and stop cancerous cells from migrating. This second aspect is especially significant for brain cancer patients as removing the main tumor can leave cancerous fragments which then travel to other parts of the body.


Accidental Discovery

The research of the Madrid scientists may p[rove to have fundamental implications for the way we treat cancer. However, like many ground breaking discoveries, chance played an influential role.   

As Dr Velasco revealed, in an interview with Weed World magazine, the Madrid scientists research was developed from another university study of endocannabinoids (the chemical compounds naturally produced by the human body to maintain health and balance), observing the effect of cannabinoids on metabolism.

As part of that project they wanted to try out these compounds on cells from the nervous system, specifically the brain. By chance, they experimented on brain cells affected with Glioma (brain cancer) and made the startling discovery that  tumour cells treated with cannabinoids began to die. This prompted the Madrid scientists to extend their research to the laboratory, with impressive results that saw tumours reduced in mice.  

In the years since this amazing discovery, the scientists have continued to research the potential of cannabinoids as an anti-cancer agent. As with all scientific research however, there is a significant jump from getting favourable results in the controlled conditions of the laboratory and testing the research on humans.

However, the scientists’ research has excited many in the scientific community and provided the fuel for scientific research around the world into the potential benefits of cannabinoids. A sign of how seriously the research is considered is the fact that the MCBT funded clinical trials will be administered by the well respected GEINO (The Spanish Group of Neuro-oncologiscal Investigation). The organisation’s chief investigator, Dr Juan Sepúlveda has said he is confident that these trials will provide evidence of cannabinoids reducing tumours (in combination with other anti-cancer agents).

Following the trial, it will take some time before the results are published, but the ramifications for cancer treatment could be very significant indeed.

Radical Cycling the MCBT Way!

Austria/Czech Republic: 2017 Tour Announced!

MCBT 2016 – Day 3: Monselice – Bologna (VIDEO)

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2016

Sun burn, saddle-sore asses, aching muscles… it was time for true heroes to step up to the challenge of completing this tough 420km in 3 day ride. The target was the historic northern Italian city of Bologna, home to the Sativa Indica trade show.

Most unwelcome weather – heavy rain – made this a difficult ride for most riders. However, everyone had their eyes on the prize – finishing the 2016 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour on a high! And this was accomplished with everyone home safely. A tremendous achievement, with enough money now raised to get on with the business of some serious medical research.

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Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2016 – Day #3


The last day of the 2016 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour was a 140km ride to the historic northern Italian city of Bologna, where the tour was concluded with a warm welcome from the organisers of the Indica Sativa Trade expo. Riding conditions were some of the worst that the MCBT has seen in its short but colourful history, with torrential rain falling for much of the day. However, our intrepid MCBT 2016 riders, with a little help from the support teams, pulled together to make a final push towards the finish line. Arriving in Bologna in the early evening there was a great sense of relief and achievement. 420km completed in 3 days, many new friendships made!

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2016 – Day #2


The second day of the 2016 MCBT was certainly flatter than the first! However, this day wasn’t all plain sailing although the lack of hills allowed the Medical Cannabis bike tour riders to get up some speed, especially in the leading peloton. The route ran parallel to the coast, passing Venice on the way although there was no time to stop for romantic reflection on a gondolier! The romance was provided by overcoming the challenges of the route as Day 2 of the MCBT 2016 adventure came to its conclusion in the historic town of Monselice, a place linked with the mythological Trojan hero, Opsicella.

MCBT 2016 – Day 2: Codroipo – Monselice (VIDEO)

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2016

After the mountains of Slovenia today’s ride never got above 50m, but it was long – over 160km. It was a chance for the peloton to get some speed up. However, it was a tricky day 2 on the road, with 2 road diversions, lost riders and the last rescue mission of the day bringing back 9 people and 11 bikes in an 8 seater van!

Passing fields of grape vines, sleepy villages with cypress trees and small churches and, of course, excited inhabitants who looked on with curiosity.

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Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2016 – Day #1


The 2016 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour began in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, in May. Located in the Julian Alps near the Italian and Austrian borders, the first day’s ride was mountainous and the first 12 km (from 800m – 1600 m) were described as ‘pure hell’ by many of the cyclists! At the highest point the tour rode across snowy peaks with eagles flying overhead. Crossing the border after 75 km, the bike tour arrived in northern Italy where the countryside became much more easy going. After day 1, the tour had already developed a great spirit of comradeship and adventure!

MCBT 2016 – Day 1: Kransjka Gora – Codroipo (VIDEO)

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2016 - Slovenia to Italy - Indica/Sativa Trade

In the history of the MCBT, we have experienced some big climbs, but day 1 (144 km) of the 2016 tour was definitely one of the hardest! The first 12 km (from 800m – 1600 m) were HARD!

High in the sky where the eagles fly and the mountains are covered with snow and the temperature is a chilly 1 degree, it was almost 3 hours before the group went up and down and was riding in the warm sunshine again. However, the views of Slovenia were awesome.

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