Bike Tour Announces Big News! Clinical Trials for 2015

At a press conference in Madrid on November 27th, the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour took another step towards history when it presented 100,000€ to fund the world’s first independent clinical trials involving the treatment of cancer patients with the cannabinods THC and CBD.

After much preparation work over the past few months, the program for the clinical trials was announced at the press conference.

It will involve the first line therapy treatment of 30 – 40 brain cancer (glioma) patients based in a number of Spanish hospitals. The trials will use cannabinoids in combination with other cancer agents. The program (expected to be completed in 2016) is estimated to cost 280,000€.

The trials are the result of years of scientific research by the team at Complutense University. Their research shows that cannabinoids prevent the spread of tumors and have the potential to kill cancer cells in non-human models.

Bike Tour founders, Luc Krol and Matej Munej, handed over a check to research scientist Dr Guillermo Velasco from the Madrid Complutense University and Dr Juan Manuel Sepúlveda, investigator of GEINO, the Spanish Neuroncology Investigation Group.

GEINO will work with the Spanish authorities to establish the necessary groundwork (medical protocol and ethical guidelines) before selecting hospital partners and search for patients to take part in the program. They hope to start the trials by September 2015.

At the press conference, The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour announced that the 2015 ride will take place in northern Europe in the second week of June. The ride will begin in Maastricht and end in Amsterdam on June 14th. The MCBT has set its sights on raising 180,000€, which would cover the full costs of the clinical trials.



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