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MCBT 2016 – Day 1: Kransjka Gora – Codroipo (VIDEO)

In the history of the MCBT, we have experienced some big climbs, but day 1 (144 km) of the 2016 tour was definitely one of the hardest! The first 12 km (from 800m – 1600 m) were HARD! High in the sky where the eagles fly and the mountains are covered with snow and the […]

MCBT 2016 Update

In May 2016, the 5th annual Medical Cannabis Bike Tour took place in Slovenia and Italy. Once again we completed 420km in 3 days, riding through stunning scenery, from steep, snow covered mountains, through sleepy countryside with fields of grape vines and historical old villages. With over 80 riders and volunteers from all over the […]

Final Countdown TO MCBT15 – June11-13. 3 days. 420km…

Kilometers are being pounded in training… Bikes are being prepared… Volunteers are getting ready… The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour is ready to roll for 2015! Please do follow our progress! There will be daily updates on our Facebook and Instagram account and on Twitter. On June 11th, the adventure continues! leaving from Maastricht the MCBT […]

Day #3 MCBikeTour 2014

Day 3 of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour. Friends, citizens, cyclists… welcome to the third and final day of the tour.  After two days we are tired, sore, aching… but everybody is pumped for the last section! Today we have 128km from La Selva del Camp to Barcelona on a ride that will climb through […]

Day #2 MCBikeTour 2014

Day 2 of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour (Have you checked out the footage from Day 1` yet? www.youtube.com/user/medicalbiketour So, todays challenge, is  118 kilometers ,from Tortosa to Selva, in Catalunya. We know this will be a tough day! There are several climbs and the roads are small and windy. The first stretch of the […]

Day #1 MCBikeTour 2014

So, Day 1 on the ride. We have 130km to make, through Valencia, from Onda to the historic town of Tortosa. OK, so maybe we are not the early birds… it was a late night at the local Pizzaria the night before. But, by 10am our band of international brothers and sisters are ready to […]

Day #0 MCBikeTour 2014

So, here we are, just outside Valencia, waiting for the tour to kick off tomorrow morning. Our base is a hotel in the middle of an industrial complex specialising in ceramics and bricks… well, the views can only get better!! A hive of activity, the support team have spent the day picking up riders and […]

Performing experiments with cannabinoidsRealizando experimentos con cannabinoides

Quick update on the work the team in Madrid are involved in, by the words of Prof. Guillermo. –We have done in vitro experiments with Glioma initiating cell and have found that the combination of cannabinoids with other anticancer agents [and specifically with inhibitors of the growth factor midkine (MK) and the Anaplasic lymphoma kinase (ALK)] […]